Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wise Words

We have been blessed with a job offer at a great company. We're picky people though and want to hold out for another company that he got a second interview with. Here's where our problem is- He had to accept the first job by this Monday at 3 and the position starts the 14th. Meanwhile, he won't hear from the second company until the end of the week! And we really want that position-more money, long term and more of what Derek wants to do. We called and chatted with the interviewer about Derek's status and he is "the leading candidate" but still no confirmation-we have to wait until Friday! eeep. So we have been weighing our odds here and been all befudled. He's going forward with the process of starting with the first job with the risk of "quitting" his first day if he gets a better offer.

I know- it feels bad in the soul. Have you ever been in this situation? Any advice?

We've asked our siblings about their opinion. We got some great advice. Really, some perfect gems...

Stay the course

Hmm, you're in a pickle

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