Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only Wednesday?

We're on a new schedule in our house. With my beau's new job he is getting up at 6:30 and we're hitting the bed around 10:00. We used to be night owls and I'd force myself awake to get into work at 9:30. Not anymore! I'm kinda digging this new schedule though- this morning I made breakfast, packed his lunch and prepped a chicken for the crock pot (my first whole chicken prep- it was a bit too early for me to have the innards not in a bag-eww) all by 7:20 and now I'm reading blogs! Sounds pretty good! I feel all mom like, caretaker and productive.
My brother said something to me when he visited about making things perfect no matter where you are. I've put off making some finishing details around the house because we're going to be moving again. We've been here two years and we're moving in the summer. There are two places with long curtains and I'm dying to update them- you might see those in projects soon! Long curtains fit at any house right? Hmm, maybe a shower curtain too....

I'm off to love on my adorable puppies that are snuggling on their bed and then try to conquer my day.

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