Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Wine Cork Wreath

I have been collecting wine corks forever- I'm sure we all have. And I have been content with them in their pretty glass bowl until about Christmas when I needed that bowl to display glitter festooned items and the corks got relegated to a drawer. The plus side to this, other than the glitter everywhere, is it got me thinking about what else could I do with all these wine corks?! In my blog perusing I found this wreath that definitely inspired me. So here we go!!

1. Get all your goodies out you are going to need. I have so much of this crate and barrel ribbon from wedding gifts. I was thinking some might show through so I tea stained it but that was not needed at all, you should still probably wrap it with ribbon to give a smooth surface. I got the foam wreath at the dollar store.

lotsa corks! I counted about 60 for this project- that a I collected over many years. And go ahead and use your valentines bowl to separate out the best corks that you'll want to put on the top layer.

2. Wrap your ribbon around the wreath form, securing with hot glue at the beginning and end. No need to hot glue each wrap.

3. Find some fun treasures along the way. I had forgotten that I used to write on the corks the celebrations. Amongst others I found "26th birthday" and "meet Derek's parents" Gotta make you smile.

4. Begin on the inside with hot gluing your corks- I used my funky non traditional corks here as they won't be seen much.

5. Continue with gluing them all evenly on the form and you'll get to this. I knew I was going to take the next step here so I didn't worry about the spaces in between.

6. Now add your remaining corks at different angles all around for interest and a big fabulous bow. Voila!

I'll probably go back and change this bow to a better ribbon but it's all I had at the time. I also really like that I can continue to add corks and fill it up if I wish.

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