Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodbye Winter

As winter comes to an end I am always open armed in welcoming spring and warmer weather but I wanted to take a minute to cherish some good things that happened this winter. We got a new car and my husband got his first job in his field. We had so much snow. We added to our family with a furry bundle of joy. I have expanded my cooking repertoire to cooking every night and making wonderful bread. We have had almost a half of a year together as a married couple and we are making big plans for the future.
What do you have to celebrate?

On a side note, with the schedule changes around here and increased level of stress I haven't been crafting much, but hopefully things will settle down- I'm ready to sew! Any projects you're working on?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- give the dog groomer the boot.

I found the best poodle groomer last year. The owners could be straight out of "Best in Show" and they are true show groomers- Mingo always came home looking absolutely spiffy. When we added our second poodle (Mingo is a doodle but we always got him trimmed like a poodle b'c he's an f1b) there was just no way we could afford two grooming bills every 3 or 4 months at $100 a pop. So, I started looking into grooming them myself after my parents suggested it. Of course my Mom would suggest this- she cut the families hair when we were growing up- I got some silly haircuts though....
I digress, and really, it's best to avoid thinking about those times...did your parents cut your hair? how about your ears(along with a "woops, sorry honey")?

For Christmas we got an Andis professional electric razor with 4 attachments for different lengths. We ended up buying nail trimmers at $15 and and grooming shears at $6 and I think the razor costs about $100 and has a two year guarantee. Eventually we'll have to replace the ceramic blade which isn't too expensive. Regardless, we're still ahead here at $121 for two dogs for two years of grooming!This is the second time we've groomed Mingo and the first time we used the razor with no attachments to get close to his face and to trim his feet. Trimming his ears and tail took some time and I admit that the first time we trimmed his ears he looked a bit goofy-hello learning curve. Watching lots of youtube videos on poodle grooming really helped.


during- lots and lots of hair to sweep up

after- a perfectly happy dog and well groomed if I do say so myself and a nicely padded wallet thanks to all this savings!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only Wednesday?

We're on a new schedule in our house. With my beau's new job he is getting up at 6:30 and we're hitting the bed around 10:00. We used to be night owls and I'd force myself awake to get into work at 9:30. Not anymore! I'm kinda digging this new schedule though- this morning I made breakfast, packed his lunch and prepped a chicken for the crock pot (my first whole chicken prep- it was a bit too early for me to have the innards not in a bag-eww) all by 7:20 and now I'm reading blogs! Sounds pretty good! I feel all mom like, caretaker and productive.
My brother said something to me when he visited about making things perfect no matter where you are. I've put off making some finishing details around the house because we're going to be moving again. We've been here two years and we're moving in the summer. There are two places with long curtains and I'm dying to update them- you might see those in projects soon! Long curtains fit at any house right? Hmm, maybe a shower curtain too....

I'm off to love on my adorable puppies that are snuggling on their bed and then try to conquer my day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial-Tassle Mania!!

I have always loved the fabulous over the top tassles. I've found some tutorials in blog land and decided to give it a go. These are my first ones and I'll definitely amp up the glam factor on the next few.

I took a bunch of pictures but they don't seem to coincide too well with the steps- I'll have to get better at this. Feel free to ask questions.

1. Gather your materials. You'll need:
-a topper- I used a Christmas ornament and a small door knob with the metal parts running through removed
-a cap from a hairspray bottle or whatever you find that fits the base of your topper.
-Your chosen trims
Twine if you are having long trims coming from the center as in the pink and green one.

you can see in this second picture that I've already looped the ribbon through the knob for hanging. (step 3) and gathered my middle (step 2 )

2. gather your middle and tie with a piece of twine. For the pink and green tassle I cut up pieces from a sample fabric square. For the lighthouse tassle I didn't do this step.

3. Secure your topper to the cap. This can be done one of two ways. For the lighthouse topper I just hot glued it on. For the pink and green topper, I used a black door knob so to make the hook I strung a ribbon through the hole and tied a not on the bottom. Next you need to make a hole in your plastic top and put the ribbon not through it thus connecting the ribbon loop to the knob and to the plastic top.

4. Take your middle fringe set and put inside your top with lots of super glue to secure.

5. Add your next layers with your trims to your desired satisfaction, building layers and covering the outside of the plastic top.

I thought I was done on this step with the pink and green tassle- I showed it to my husband and he said it looked like an octopus- black trim to the rescue.... What do you think? Should I have left it like this?

And Voila- beautiful tassles. The lighthouse one is commemorative for my husband and I- he proposed at night on the top of Cape Hatteras. The pink and green one I love but have nowhere to put it just yet....

Love is grand.

I hope you had a wonderful valentine's day. My husband blew me away with amazingness as always and we had a perfect night. He cooked a fabulous meal that included my favorite lobster macaroni and cheese and crab legs paired with a great Malbec and a first course salad. He knows just how to spoil me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy headbands

This week I've been making headbands. After work I'll come home and throw one on and it instantly makes me happy. how could they not?! Instant sassy. These are all inspired by other blogs out there.

The original for this headband had one big heart, but I like my three. I used sobo glue and everytime I wear it some sequins fall off that I have to replace- so you should try something different if you make one.

I found the tutorial for this flower here and thought it would be perfect on a headband.

I've been re-purposing this fabric and decided it'd be a great go with everything headband. The tutorial I found for the flower is here. I attached the flower to a pin thinking I could wear the headband with or without it and that I could then add it to blazers if I felt like it. This is definitely the best fitting most stay put headband. I took a regular hair elastic and cut it in half then measured my head where I would want the headband. I then subtracted the amount of the elastic from this total and made the fabric that length. I added some extra stitching for detail. Just sew the elastic into the fabric fold at the end.

I am definitely going to make some more! What do you think?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wise Words

We have been blessed with a job offer at a great company. We're picky people though and want to hold out for another company that he got a second interview with. Here's where our problem is- He had to accept the first job by this Monday at 3 and the position starts the 14th. Meanwhile, he won't hear from the second company until the end of the week! And we really want that position-more money, long term and more of what Derek wants to do. We called and chatted with the interviewer about Derek's status and he is "the leading candidate" but still no confirmation-we have to wait until Friday! eeep. So we have been weighing our odds here and been all befudled. He's going forward with the process of starting with the first job with the risk of "quitting" his first day if he gets a better offer.

I know- it feels bad in the soul. Have you ever been in this situation? Any advice?

We've asked our siblings about their opinion. We got some great advice. Really, some perfect gems...

Stay the course

Hmm, you're in a pickle
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