Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peppermint s'mores

That's right. I went there. It's the holidays and I'm all about still pretending I'm out in Colorado camping and eating s'mores. At home, we glamp though so we made home made peppermint marshmallows and they are to die for. The process of making them was so much fun. The mister and I ended up with it all over our fingers and faces- it was a made from scratch date night with giddyness like we were first dating. They came out wonderful but there are lots of things those other bloggers don't tell you about when they hand over recipes and boast that homemade marshmallows are something you'll never want to live without once you've tasted them-the mess!! I would never make this with munchkins running around, it was all us two "adults" could do to contain it and to clean up we had to soak all the dishes overnight just to begin! Is it worth it...meh, a couple times of year for sure!!
The s'mores are fabulous and they are great in our hot cocoa (with or without peppermint schnapps)

Now, I am off to finally finishing my wedding thank you notes- just in time to send out Holiday cards-where does the time go?

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